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Dear Visitor
Dear Fellow Professional

Have you ever asked yourself the question: Where would be the world without fasteners!?
Fasteners are a fascinatingly complex business due to the large number of companies involved, the huge number of different
products and the vital importance of fastener quality in the various applications. As described in our mission, EIFI is one of the
players coordinating and animating all different aspects of this key profession. EIFI is an "Association of Associations" offering
the possibility to share informations and skills to various member companies with very different sensibilities : multinational
groups ; family owned businesses ; larger and smaller;some very progressive, some traditional. As the President in charge it is
my role to respect the differences and also find ways to move forward. And it is easy because EIFI members have a lot of talents.
You are very welcome to discover them. Just contact the national associations we have listed in the menu under "membership"
or if you prefer contact the EIFI secretary or me by e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in the EIFI

With best regards
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